GTR 2017 Calendars

The all-new exciting GTR calendar:

  • 12 pages of magnificent GTR adventure photos by GT Riders
  • Images from Thailand, Laos, China.

This amazing calendar also lists 150 events – holidays & festivals – in the region – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore.

Plus the lunar calendar – important for festivals that are related to the lunar cycle.
This is all important info for planning your holidays & rides if you want to experience the local culture & events.
– there is no other calendar like it!
The calendar size is 30 x 20 cms & is laminated.
Calendars are sent registered airmail.
Order one today on GTR.

 Item Price: $14.00 + Registered Airmail: $4.20 + 7% Tax


Price: $19.50


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Inside Thailand please email direct: