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Laos Area Covered

The whole country from the China border to the Cambodian border. Most of the data on this GPS map has been acquired whilst surveying for the GT Rider Laos hard copy map while another part was obtained for and by others.

Laos GPS Map Details
The Laos GPS map has about 19,000 km. of roads and some 16,000 Points of Interest (POI’s) out of which some 9,700 are cities and villages. In addition over 2,000 lakes, rivers, national parks and protected areas, etc. have been included. The map has the ability to “auto-route” you from point to point.

  • Twice yearly updates
  • 95% of the tracks/roads/trails are GPS’d and the remainder come from sources which have not been checked for accuracy.
  • Future updates include topo map (contour lines only)

The GT Rider Laos GPS map is compatible with Garmin GPS equipment only and the GPS needs to be able to accept maps in NT Format. The map will be supplied on and will be locked to the Micro-SD card serial number.

Available from
Eagle GPS
Pantip Plaza Building
Office 2106 (2nd Fl.)
152/1 Chang Klan Rd
Muang Chiang Mai. 50100
Telephone: (+66) 053 288060
Fax: (+66) 053 288060
Mobile Phone Number: (+66) 0832 035 200

Price: 1,760 Thai baht .

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