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    David Unkovich

    Nice work in the ongoing slog

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    Forum Admin

    Unfortunately our hosting company Hostgator – ranked at #3 for Best VPS Hosting in a recent PCMag review of VPS server providers – have continued to disappoint us. Technical Support service is appalling – a week for a response to a Support Ticket is the norm of late.

    After waiting 24 hours after lodging an urgent message with their Live Help system, we’ve again received no response. We’ve reached the conclusion that it would be faster to CHANGE hosting than wait for help!

    Now initiating full site migration to Arvixe – ranking #1 in that PCMag review…

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    Very glad to see the site back up and running. Many thanks for all the hard work this took.

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    We are up & running again; & securely we believe despite the malicious hacking attempts over the last couple of weeks.

    A big thank you for everyone’s patience & understanding; plus all the feedback we have received.

    For GTR banner sponsors we would like to show our appreciation by giving each of you another 6 weeks free for your banner

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    Great work David… I know the energy that you have put in keeping GTR on top of the pack. Thank you for providing this great platform to us. As for the would be squatters, we can only hope that they are discouraged by the protection and redirect their energy to something more productive for the community.

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    Russ McDermid

    Great new site – well worth the wait.

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    As Jurgen says, it is sad that some peoples pc skills can’t be used for something more constructive and helpful.

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