Overnight Rides

Loops & Overnight Trips: Faster Day Rides For The Serious Biker

 Other ideas & longer loops from Chiang Mai:

The Mae Hong Son Loop & taking your time.

Bikers enjoying the good life on the Mae Hong Son Loop.

Nan & the best biking roads in North Thailand.

Nan has the best roads for motorcycle touring.

Doi Mae Salong is another excellent over nighter from Chiang Mai, but first timers should always include this in a longer loop ‘n 3-4 day ride around the Golden Triangle.

R1290 is nicknamed Paradise Road because of the nature of the road as it swoops alongside the Mekong river. One of the most beautiful rides you can do in the North.

The TJ-Hamilton – Simon Siinthai Memorial Ride in November is also a must if you are in town.


Remember from wherever you are in North Thailand, Chiang Mai is only a day’s a ride away.

Chiang Mai has good roads leading everywhere.



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