Golden Triangle Map

Golden Triangle Map – GT Rider Touring Map

The sensational guide map to the infamous Golden Triangle.

The 2020 GTR Golden Triangle Guide Map

New 3rd edition is out now – on sale February 2020


Chiang Mai  – Fang – Tha Ton – Doi Mae Salong – Doi Tung – Mae Sai – Golden Triangle – Chiang Saen – Chiang Khong – Chiang Kham – Phayao – Chiang Mai.

Perfect for 4-7 days minimum touring around the top end of North Thailand.

The Golden Triangle & Chiang Rai province has more places to go than any other area in the north of Thailand such that it is jam packed with attractions.

Whilst the Mae Hong Son Lop maybe legendary & Nan may have the best rolling winding biking roads, Chiang Rai & the top north has way more to offer than any other part of North Thailand.
Chiang Rai has
• The most ethnic / hilltribe peoples
• The most attractions – temples, art galleries & museums
• The most mountain top destinations & the steepest roads
• The most loop options & the most town options.
• The Golden Triangle
• The Opium war lord – heroin history
• The Chinese KMT history
• The Hmong Communist Laos border battle history
• The Mekong River

This brilliant, detailed guide map shows you where everything is. It is the map to find your way around & seek out those out of the way places you’ve heard about.  If you only take one map for North Thailand, this is it!

Some of the highlights to explore

  • Baan See Dam – the Black House.
  • Chiang Saen the ancient city & the lake wetlands.
  • Doi Ang Khang.
  • Doi Chang Coffee centre.
  • Doi Mae Salong the Chinese KMT village.
  • Doi Phahompok loop, 2nd highest mountain in Thailand.
  • Doi Tung & Mae Fah Luang.
  • The Golden Horse temple.
  • The Golden Triangle Opium Museums.
  • Kaeng Pha Dai, the stunning “Mekong end of the road.”
  • Mae Sai the northern most point of Thailand.
  • Paradise Road & the Mekong.
  • Pha Tang.
  • Phaya Phipak & the Big Dipper.
  • Phayao Lake.
  • Phu An Ma.
  • Phu Chi Fah.
  • Singapore Road.
  • Tea plantations.
  • Tha Ton & The Kok River.
  • Thoed Thai & Khun Sa the opium warlord’s old hidden HQs.
  • Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan.
  • White Temple – Wat Rong Khun.

You can tour with confidence with this map. It has

12 City Maps

  • Fang
  • Tha Ton
  • Doi Mae Salong
  • Thoed Thai
  • Mae Sai downtown
  • Mae Sai greater
  • Sob Ruak – Golden Triangle
  • Chiang Saen
  • Chiang Khong
  • Phayao
  • Chiang Rai
  • Chiang Rai Environs

Plus more detailed than ever

  • 89 Identified Highlights of the GT Loop.
  • 11 Road Elevation Profiles.
  • 38 Scenic Mountains.
  • 13 Lakes – Wetlands – Dams.
  • 7 Elephant Camps.
  • 24 Waterfalls.
  • 13 National Parks.
  • 13 Caves.
  • 13 Hot Springs.
  • 65 Temples.
  • 76 Resorts Hotels.
  • 11 Golf Courses.
  • 60 Other Points of Interest.
  • 31 Restaurants coffee shops.
  • 54 Amphurs.
  • 1196 Villages.

This map is laminated, waterproof – indestructible.

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There’s never been a Golden Triangle guide map like this before! This plastic map is laminated, waterproof = “indestructible.”

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