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    The map’s out & going in the shops already.

    I hope you enjoy it all & it renews everyone’s interest in the famous Mae Hong Son Loop.

    As to be expected Pai city & Environs maps have had a massive work over. The Mae Hong Son & Mae Sarieng city maps also have many new places on them.

    There are heaps of new dirt trails on the map & many thanks go to GT Riders & others who contributed. In particular thank you
    • Auke Koopmans the GT Rider (& everyone’s) GPS expert
    • Dave Dirty
    • Happy Feet
    • Big & Tall
    • Moto-Rex
    • Silverhawk

    New areas you should look at (& explore) are
    1. North of R1095 Pai – Wiang Haeng – Mae Lana
    2. North of R1095 Huay Nam Dang – Muang Khong / Wiang Haeng
    3. South of R1095 the fantastic Doi Mae Ya – Samoeng
    4. North of R1263 Mae Na Chon – Wat Chan / Huai Pu Ling
    5. East – south-east of Mae Chaem – Chomthong

    For inexperienced dirt riders when exploring the 4WD only tracks ride with a mate. Don’t ride alone.
    The same for the few single track trails. Don’t go alone. Don’t ride them the wet season. Go with a local guide is best!

    The topo on this map is a dark colour, black-grey, & may look a little dull indoors, but outside in the sun where you use the map the most the colours & data are outstanding.

    Take your time on the MHS Loop, don’t rush. There’s scores of wonderful places to visit & dirt trails to explore.

    Happy trails to you all.

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    Got it @ Mr. Mechanic 🙂 … Kafé does not have it yet! I like the new presentation even so red is a little difficult (for me) to read on green background. Many updates, well worth to get it.

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    Glad you’ve got the map & approve of the updates. The Kafe does have stock on the new map now. Thank you for your support

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    Headed for the Kafe to pick up the map today. Looking forward to some trail rides in MHS.

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