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    Ian Streit

    210511Have just returned from border Laos/thailand. Not possibel to get across anywhere with a motorcycle.
    Only thng I found was the possibility to hire a Pickup nd get across, to Laos any further info and price not available.
    New strickvis rules, No free visa anymore.
    Cross border and you get 15 days
    Cross with plane you get 30 days.
    Tourist visa at embassy or consulate 2 month.
    Evry thing abcanoout 3 month is no NO immigrnt visa, with the usual 800 000 depositet 3 month or embassy signed you pension Paper. The old, 3 month extension or 6 month is out.
    I you go to immigration in Thailand you ccan get max one week.

    One entry vise from embassay or consulat is 1000 bath one entry, 2000 2 entries, 3 000 3 entries..
    It alsseems that bigger grooups can get permissions for special purpose, but no one on the border knew.

    Any infor to get across on you own bike is very welcome.

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    Both the Friendship Bridges have been No Go for entry into Laos for several years.
    You can exit Laos via the Friendship Bridges however.
    So the best thing to do is enter Laos by a non-bridge port of entry& then exit from wherever.

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