Motorcycle Insurance Cover in Thailand-V2

Bike Insurance Information

Motorcycle insurance is available for registered and unregistered bikes: 3rd Party Compulsory, 3rd Party Voluntary, 3rd Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive!
The 3rd party insurance (CTPL) is compulsory in Thailand, although many people in the rural areas still ride around uninsured. This is not a problem until you are involved in an accident with them & they have no money to pay, or you (foolishly) have no insurance / money to pay them.
Don’t get caught out, accidents do happen & they’re usually not your fault! They also always seem to happen when you least expect it & least need it.
So we recommend you ride safe & protect yourself with legal insurance (don’t stuff up your life or holidays for a few Baht).

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  1. Compulsory Third Party Coverage – CTPL
  2. 3rd Class – Third Party Coverage (Voluntary)
  3. 2nd Class – Third Party Fire & Theft
  4. 1st Class – Comprehensive Coverage

For cars and pick-ups there is also the extra 2 options, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1.

1.) Compulsory 3rd Party Coverage – CTPL

  • 3rd party bodily injury: 50,000 baht per person.
  • 3rd party death: 100,000 baht per person
  • Maximum payout: 5,000,000 baht per occurrence

Premiums range from 324 baht – 646 baht, depending on machine size.

2.) Voluntary 3rd Party Coverage

Voluntary Third Party Insurance pays in addition to the Compulsory Third Party Insurance coverage.
Third Party Liability

  • Bodily injury: 200,000 baht per person( + 50,000 baht from compulsory 3rd party)
  • Death: 300,000 baht person (+100,000 baht from compulsory 3rd party)
  • Maximum per occurrence: 10,000,000 baht (+5,000,000 from compulsory 3rd party)
  • Property damage: 200,000 baht per occurrence.
  • PA (accident death & dismemberment): 50, 000 baht (for driver)
  • Bail Bond (to get out of jail): 200,000 baht per occurrence.

If you live & ride long term in Thailand, we highly recommend this voluntary 3rd party insurance as being the minimum to hold. Being arrested & locked up by the police for an accident that is not your fault is a very unpleasant experience and not one we’d recommend you try. Locked up and trying to arrange a bail bond is a traumatic & difficult experience – one that you don’t need to worry about if you have the Voluntary 3rd Party Insurance with Bail Bond.

3.) Second Class Insurance

Available only for motorcycles registered in Thailand.
As above with the 3rd Class but also covers you for fire and theft.

4.) First Class (Comprehensive) Insurance

Available only for motorcycles registered in Thailand.
Protect your bike and your investment. Get covered for collision, fire, theft.
Premiums range from 3,500 baht – 15,000 baht and up, depending on your bike’s capacity, its value and the deductible you choose. Coverage provided can go up to;

  • 1,000,000 baht 3rd party injury or death
  • 2,500,000 baht property damage
  • 1,000,000 baht PA (accident death & dismemberment)
  • 100,000 baht medical coverage for rider & pillion
  • 200,000 baht bail bond
  • Agreed value for your bike

The company that GTR recommends for insurance is Cnx Insure

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