Chiang Mai Toy Ride

Annual Motorcycle Ride For Charity

Chiang Mai Toy Ride Samoeng

The mission of the Chiang Mai ToyRide is;

  • To bring together motorcyclists of all nationalities in support of children in need living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • To raise money, gifts and other items through charitable motorcycling events focusing on children who may otherwise be forgotten. 
  • Our specific intent is to focus on events and donations which will put a smile on the children’s face and instill a sense of self confidence and assurance. The Chiang Mai ToyRide will also contribute to health and welfare needs in specific situations. 
  • The Chiang Mai ToyRide will operate with complete transparency as a true charitable organization and assure that all available assets are directed toward our mission.

3rd Chiang Mai Toy Ride – Sunday, February 21, 2010.

For more information and to discuss sponsorship options contact:
Email: [email protected] Karen Hill Tribe Chiang Dao Toy Ride
Thai: Sirirat Straghan
Telephone 086 919 6285
English: Robert Straghan
Telephone: 084 809 6610.

Visit the Chiang Mai Toy Ride website.

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