Fang Activities

Fang – Activities and Sights to See in Muang Fang include;

Tuesday Night Market – Walking Street

One side of the main street is closed to traffic (southern end of town) and filled with stalls selling everything from foods to handcrafts, crockery, apparel, fruit and vegetables.

Fang Hot Springs

The Fang Hot springs are well off the main highway, and are neither well advertised, promoted nor sign-posted.

However, they are well worth the visit! Located withing the Doi Fha Hom Pok National Park, they may require some diligence to locate because there are only a couple of English language signs… In my case, even with a Thai companion who asked several local’s for directions, we still had a difficult time finding the right place!  🙂

Doi Ang Khang

A day trip into the mountains to the west of Fang is recommended! See the Doi Ang Khang page for details.

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