Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem

ImageDoi Inthanon: The highest mountain in Thailand.

267 kms return. See map. Routes 108, 1009, 1192, 1088 & 108. A ride to the highest mountain Imagein Thailand. This is a brilliant one day big bike ride, going Chiang Mai – Hot – Mae Chaem – Doi Inthanon – Chiang Mai.

All roads are good winding motorcycle roads, except for route 108 the 4-lane dual carriageway Chiang Mai – Chomthong which is a bit boring; but route # 1122 from Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem is one of the most exciting roads in North Thailand (& best ridden going up from Mae Chaem – Doi Inthanon.)

Mae Klang waterfallIf you have the time, this loop is better with an overnight stay in Mae Chaem, as this allows time to enjoy the big waterfalls and fantastic scenery on Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand.

The Doi Inthanon / Mae Chaem area also has the best trail bike riding in North Thailand. Use the Mae Hong Son Loop map to find these dirt trails. On an overnight trip go in the opposite direction to that recommended for the day trip with the recommended route: Chiang Mai – Chomthong – Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem – Hot – Chiang Mai.

Night time in Mae Chaem is extremely quiet, but getting there by motorcycle is exciting enough. To get the best out of the Doi Inthanon / Mae Chaem loop take a Mae Hong Son Loop map with you.

Wat Pa DaetMae Chaem is a wonderful traditional town with some stunning temples. Some people regard these temples as the best in North Thailand, even better than in Nan. You can easily spend 1-2 days in Mae Chaem exploring the Mae Chaem valley. Check out Mae Chaem A Meander on GTR here.

There are also two good waterfalls close by Mae Chaem. Mae Pan & Huai Sai Leuang are the names. You can check out the waterfalls on Doi Inthanon here on GTR. The Teen Jok Weaving festival in Mae Chaem is also well worth seeing. It is usually held in February – March.

Take a look at Checking Dirt Trails on the Mae Hong Son Loop for some ideas on dirt rides on the MHS Loop.

The Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem Loop is part of the legendary Mae Hong Son Loop.



The Mae Hong Son Loop: Asia’s legendary Motorcycle Loop – ride the road of 1,864 bends.


The GT Rider map that started it all! 1st Edition November 2002. 2nd Edition November 2003. 3rd Edition November 2006. 4th Edition December 2009.

Laminated – waterproof – indestructible.

You can’t lose, hundreds of kms of twisting mountain roads – asphalt & dirt!


City Mapson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Pai

2. Soppong

3. Mae Hong Son

4. Mae Sarieng

5. Mae Chaem

Environs Mapson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Pai

2. Mae Hong Son

Waterfallson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Huai Hom

2. Huai Nam Dang

3. Huai Phung

4. Mae Klang

5. Mae Pan

6. Mae Sa

7. Mae Samat

8. Mae Sapok

9. Mae Surin

10. Mae Ya

11. Mae Yen

12. Mo Paeng

13. Mokfa

14. Na Poei

15. Nang Khoi

16. Natee Rachan

17. Om Taeng

18. Pha Bong

19. Pha Sua

20. Siriphum

21. Sop Pong

22. Sri Sangwan

23. Susa

24. Tard Mork

25. Vatchirathan

Hot Springson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Muang Paeng

2. Nong Haeng

3. Pha Bong

4. Pong Deud

5. Pong Kwao

6. Pong Ung

7. Tha Pai

8. Theppanom

Caveson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Borichinda

2. Chiang Dao

3. Coffin

4. Erawan

5. Fish

6. Kaew Komol

7. Mae Sap

8. Ma Ka Noi

9. Mae Lana

10. Muang Na Nua

11. Nam Lang

12. Nam Lod

13. Pa Daeng

14. Pa Daeng

15. Pa Puek

16. Pha Daeng

17. Pha Mon

18. Susa

Scenic Viewpointson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Doi Inthanon

2. Doi Kong Mou

3. Doi Ong. Mae Na Chon – Khun Yuam

4. Doi Pha Tang

5. Doi Pui MHS

6. Huai Nam Dang

7. Kiu Lom. Pai – Sop Pong

8. Mae Samat. MHS – Khun Yuam

9. Meo Microwave. MHS – Khun Yuam

10. Pangma Pha. Sop Pong – MHS

11. Pa Puek

12. Tung Jaw

National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuarieson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Chiang Dao NP

2. Chiang Dao WS

3. Doi Inthanon NP

4. Doi Suthep NP

5. Doi Wiang La WS

6. Huai Nam Dang NP

7. Khun Khan NP

8. Lum Nam Khong NP

9. Lum Nam Pai WS

10. Mae Lao – Mae Sae WS

11. Mae Tho NP

12. Mae Yuam WS

13. Mae Surin NP

14. Ob Khan NP

15. Ob Luang NP

16. Salawin WS

17. Tham Pla -Pha Sua NP

Elephant Campson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Chiang Dao

2. Huai Tor

3. Mae Ping

4. Mae Taeng

5. Mae Sa

6. Mae Tamann

7. Mae Wang

8. Noi’s

9. Pong Yang

10. Thom’s

Templeson the Mae Hong Son Loop.

1. Buddhapat Tak Pha

2. Chomthong

3. Doi Kham

4. Doi Lang Tham

5. Doi Noi

6. Had Nak

7. Into A Garden

8. Kukut

9. Luang Khun Win

10. Mae Pang

11. Mae Yen

12. Nong Kai

13. Pha Doi Som

14. Phra That Doi Kong Mou

15. Phra That Doi Suthep

16. Phra That Hariphunchai

17. Phra That Si Chomthong

18. Samlian Wan

19. Siri Mangklacharn

20. Tham Doi Don

21. Tham Thong

22. Tham Wua

23. Ton Luang

24. Tor Pae

Other Points Of Intereston the Mae Hong Son Loop

1. Aung Ngern Royal Villa

2. Bo Kaew Forestry

3. Doi Inthanon. Highest Mountain

4. Green Valley Golf

5. Hornbill Bird Habitat

6. Huai Bong Forestry

7. Huai Tung Thao Lake

8. Lanna Golf

9. Long Neck Hill Tribes

10. Mae Chaem Forestry

11. Mae Ngat Dam

12. Moss Garden

13. Nong Khaew Lake

14. Ob Ping Canyon

15. Prem Centre Intl School

16. Rafting Camps

17. Royal Chedis. Doi Inthanon

18. Royal Chiang Mai Golf

19. Sunflowers. Mae Ho

20. Sunflowers. Mae U-Khor

21. War Museum. Khun Yuam

22. Weaving Museum. Nong Ap Chang

23. Weaving Village. Thong Fai

24. Wiang Takan Ancient City Ruins

Resorts & Guesthouses Up-country / Out-of-town not on city maps

1. Ban Farang Guesthouse

2. Ban Krating

3. Ban Rai Lanna

4. Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse

5. Belle Villa

6. Cave Lodge Guesthouse

7. Chiang Dao Hill Farm

8. Chiang Dao Nest Guesthouse

9. Deva Montra

10. Fern Resort

11. Golden Pai

12. Hmong Lodge

13. Hod Resort

14. Imperial Sports Club

15. Inthanon Eco Hut

16. Inthanon Highland

17. Inthanon Paradise

18. Inthanon Resort

19. Inthanon Valley

20. Kao Mai Lanna Resort

21. Karen Eco Lodge Guesthouse

22. Kaw Krairaj Resort

23. Krisada

24. Lanna

25. Lisu Guesthouse

26. Lisu Lodge

27. Lisu Mountain Guesthouse

28. Little Eden Guesthouse

29. Mae Hao

30. Mae Sarieng Resort

31. Malee Nature Lovers Guesthouse

32. Mokfa Resort

33. Navasoung Resort

34. Pang Ma O Guesthouse

35. Par Daeng Cabins Guesthouse

36. Peuksa Nakow

37. Rim Doy Resort

38. Royal Ping Garden Resort

39. Saksuay Resort

40. Soppong River Inn

41. Thapai Spa Resort

42. Touch Star

43. Wong Nam Yard

Plus, the Mae Sot Loop outline

Do the Doi Inthanon – Mae Chaem Loop from Chiang Mai. Take a Mae Hong Son map with you. You can’t lose, hundreds of kms of twisting mountain roads – asphalt & dirt! Buy a Mae Hong Son Loop map here.

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