Doi Ang Khang


R1249 - the Doi Ang Khang road.

R1249 – the Doi Ang Khang road.

330 kms. See map. Routes 107 – 1178 – 1340 – 1249 – 107. The recommended route is Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao – Arunothai – Sinchai – Doi Ang Khang – Nor Lae – Fang – Chiang Mai.

This is the number one overnight ride from Chiang Mai, and only recommended for experienced riders. The Doi Ang Khang roads are all narrow and winding, as well as being some of the steepest in North Thailand!

If you want to exhilarate yourself on amazing roads that run along the Burma border with spectacular scenery then do yourself a favour and try this one for a brilliant overnight ride.

There is a 4kms descent from Nor Lae towards Fang that is extremely steep and totally amazing – how & why do they build roads like this that drop straight off the end of the mountain; however this road is often closed for security reasons.

Take your time: do the Doi Ang Khang loop & spend the night in Fang (or even Tha Ton), before returning to Chiang Mai, or carry on North to the Golden Triangle.

Sakura flowers bloom on the Doi Ang Khang loop in the early part of the year.

Sakura flowers bloom on the Doi Ang Khang loop in the early part of the year.

Where to stay in Fang

Where to eat in Fang

Where to stay in Tha Ton

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The GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map has all the roads, kms & attractions for traveling to Doi Ang Khang, including elevation profiles of Route 1340 & Route 1249.

R1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang

R1340 Arunothai – Doi Ang Khang

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Pa Dang National Park -Doi Ang Khang – Chai Prakarn

The Doi Ang Khang Loop

Routes 1178 – 1340 – 1249 – 107 – 1346 – 1001 to CM

1249 & 1340 Doi Ang Khang

Riding the Thai – Burma border. Ang Kang, Tham Ngop and the KMT.

Doi Ang Khang by mistake, via Nong Tao.

Tha Ton – Mae Ai Loop. Great Little Detour.

Doi Ang Khang the short back way

Fang & back, a meander. 

Doi Ang Khang – Ban Yang Flash Flood.

Where to stay in Doi Ang Khang

Where to eat in Doi Ang Khang

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