Mae Chaem Climate

Mae Chaem Climate & Topography


Rugged mountains and associated forest vegetation characterize the Mae Chaem basin. The basin has a wide range of elevation, from 282 metres at its lowest point, to 2,565 metres at its highest point – the peak of Doi Inthanon (the highest mountain in Thailand). Altitude variation induces different climatic zones with distinctive types of natural landcover.

Dominant vegetation includes;

  • dry dipterocarp and mixed deciduous forests below 1,000 metres
  • tropical mixed pine forest from 900 – 1,500 metres
  • alternating with hill evergreen forest that extends up to 2,000 metres
  • tropical montane cloud forest above 2,000 metres

Steep hillsides with slopes exceeding 25% are a common landscape element, resulting in rates of soil erosion that prevent advanced soil development. Thus, soils are relatively shallow and have limited water-holding capacity. Dominant soil textures are sandy clay loam and clay loam.

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