Winter and Red Cross Fair From the end of December until the beginning of January every year, at the ground near the Phayao Bus Terminal. A fair with booths from the governmental and private authorities, contests and various games.


Sacrificial Combined Forces Memorial Fair

This annual event takes place at the end of January until the beginning of February at the memorial near the Chiang Kham Airport, Tambon Chiang Ban, Amphoe Chiang Kham. The merit making ceremony is dedicated to the civilians, policemen and soldiers, who died during the fighting with the communist insurgents in battles in 1980-1981. The fair raises money to assist the descendants of the deceased. Activities include games, performances, exhibitions and a display booths operated by various government agencies.

Phayao Jewellery Industry and Quality Products Fair

This takes place at the beginning of February every year at the Phayao Jewellery Centre, Tambon Mae Ka. It is a trade fair of jewellery and products of Phayao.

Cassie Flower Blooming Day

14 February every year at the ground in front of the Dok Khamtai District Office. Activities are the handicraft contests and sales of souvenirs.


Por khun Ngam Mueang Fair

5 March every year at the Pho khun Ngam Mueang Monument with a beautiful and magnificent procession of the worship offerings.

Thai Lue Cultural Festival

At the beginning of March every year at the Wat Phrathat Sop Waen, Amphoe Chiang Kham. Folk games, cultural performances, as well as, lifestyle of the Tai Lue people, where local people dress up in their traditional costume. Cotton spinning demonstration, dessert making, Tai Lue music and singing, Choeng or martial art dance, and Makon games.


King Phraya Lor Ceremony

– Traditonal Processions and Kantoke Dinner

Pu Cha Phaya Lo Fair (Bucha Phra Lo)

9 April every year at Wiang Lo Ancient Town, Ban Huai Ngio, Amphoe Chun, to pay respects to the Wiang Lo ancestors and to raise awareness of the importance of preservation of the site. There are;

  • Parades
  • Light and sound presentations
  • A procession invoking the spirits of Wiang Lo’s past kings
  • A Khan Tok dinner at night
  • Cultural performances

Songkran Festival (Pi Mai Mueang)

13-16 April every year behind the Mueang Phayao Municipal Offices. Thailand’s Songkran Festival is the most important holiday period of the year for the Thai people. Whilst it’s a time of fun, its also a special time not just for the New Year ritual. Above all, its the one time of year that most people “go home” from the big cities! Songkran has its origins in ancient astrology. The phases of the moon and the lunar calendar also play an important role in determining the actual date of the Thai New Year.


Phayao Lychee & Quality Products Fair

In May every year at the ground behind the Mueang Phayao Municipal offices. Fairs offering lychees and products of Phayao and a lychee beauty pageant.

Pha Cho Ton Luang Festival

– Processions and Entertainment


Sky Rocket Festival In June every year at Tambon Ang Thong, Amphoe Chiang Kham. The festival features a traditional dance procession and sky rocket contest.


Candle Procession Festival

One day before the Buddhist Lent Day, at the ground behind the municipal offices and in every district. Beautifully engraved candles are brought to participate in the parade. Various cultural shows are performed. There is a contest for the most beautiful candle, and after the contest all the candles are offered to the temples.


Loy Krathong Festival

– Beauty and Big Krathong Contests – Local Performance and Boat Racing Loy Krathong is another of Thailand’s annual festivals, taking place at the full moon in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. This is usually in mid November.


Hilltribe Traditional Festival

In December every year at Tambon Rom Yen, Amphoe Chiang Kham. Traditional dances and games of the hill tribe people are performed.

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