Restaurants in Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang offers a broad range of dining options. There’s everything from street stalls to elegant dining, but as in all small towns, some of the best options are tucked away and not easily found. See Location Map

Inthara Restaurant

Biggest in town, with a choice of roadside open air, or closed and air-conditioned dining. Offers a huge selection of classic dishes and some local specialties. Located on the main street, down near the mid-town traffic lights.

Renu Restaurant

Opposite Inthara, smaller and popular with the locals for lunches. The roadside location gives a good viewing point to watch the ebb and flow of town. Generous portions and good value.

Leelawadee Restaurant

Just down the street from Inthira / Renu, on the corner at the traffic lights. A corner table at a corner restaurant is a nice spot for a quiet beer. Great vantage point for small-town traffic watching. Modest Eng/Thai menu, fair prices.


Overlooks the river, located opposite Northwest Guesthouse. Excellent food from a modest menu. The owner – khun Beng – speaks excellent English, and if you crave Isaan-style Som Tam, then Sawaddee is one of the few places with the real thing!

North West Guest House

Excellent food – especially good northern Thai specialties such as pad pong curry. North West is also a good location to encounter other travelers, if that’s your preference. The local ex-pat’s eat there, as its good value.

Krua Biman Restaurant

Located beside the river, beside Route 1194 bridge, and situated immediately below Wat Supan Rangsri. Its a classic wooden Thai “cowboy” style structure with a nice view across the river. In Low Season, service can be average as staff are kept to a minimum.

Tukta Restaurant

Similar style, located directly across the bridge / river from Krua Biman, its view of Wat Supan Rangsri is excellent. The usual northern Thai dishes, plus some local options.

Rosewood Teak Restaurant

Classy restaurant, reflected in slightly higher prices, has excellent Thai food, and is one of the few places in town offering a decent steak meal, and wine… This is an attractive teak (wooden) restaurant, another part of the Riverhouse Resort & Hotel group, next…

River House Hotel

Their open-air restaurant overlooks the river.

River House Resort

Their restaurant is situated with a river view, and outside tables overlook the river.

Roadside Guesthouse

On Mae Sarieng Road – khun Aekkasan has a good selection of classic Thai curries. AND he’s got ice-cream, and a good music selection.

Krua Gan Eng

Around the corner from Roadside Guesthouse, back on Langpanich Road that runs back toward the North West Guesthouse. River view, live music most nights – unless Manchester United are playing! Good Thai food and almost Mae Sariang’s only ” popular night spot.” Closes at 1 am

Cowboy Night

On Langpanich road, 200 metres past Krua Gan Eng. Live band, good food and VERY popular!


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