Mae Sariang Activities

Mae Sariang, on the surface, may appear to be a quiet little town with nothing much happening. Certainly, its not a shopping mecca, and there are no malls… not even a supermarket. However, there are markets! Two fresh produce markets, night markets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, and a big clothing market every Saturday morning…

Mae Sariang Activities & Attractions

There are some stunning temples tucked away on side streets…

Within 2 hours drive of town there are places like Ban Mae Sam Laeb which offer glimpses of life on the wild west border with Myanmar, and opportunities for a boat trip on the mighty Salween River…

For the more adventurous, there are;

  • guided fishing trips
  • trekking
  • bamboo rafting
  • waterfalls & caves
  • coffee & tea plantations

There are festivals, including the April (Hot Season) Songkran Festival, which offer great entertainment as young and old share the fun of this nationwide water-fight!

Mae Sariang Activities & Attractions

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