Mae Sariang Attractions

Mae Sariang Museum & Exhibition Hall

This is constructed in Shan-temple style, and houses local artifacts that represent the various Shan ethnic groups from around the region – Tai Yai, Hmong, Karen, Lawa etc.

Mae Sariang Museum & Exhibition Hall, Mae Sariang District

The museum has tourism information on various sites in and around Mae Sariang, and OTOP products on sale.

Mae Sariang Temples

The four most revered temples, referred to as Phrathat Sii Chom or the “4 Chom reliquaries,” are listed below. The “Wat Prathat” prefix denotes a temple that is believed to house a relic of the Buddha.

1 – Wat Phra That Chom Chaeng

This temple is located on the left at the intersection of SH108 and SH105 and exhibits a mix of northern Lanna art and architecture.

2 – Wat Pra That Chom Thong

Located high above town, where the large Buddha image overlooks the River Yuam valley, the temple is built in authentic Lanna style.
Mae Sariang Temples; Wat Phrathat Chom Thong

Wat Phrathat Chom Thong – adjacent to the big Buddha that overlooks the town

3 – Wat Pra That Chom Gitti

Outstanding stupa in typical Lanna design. On the 8th day of first half of the 9th lunar month (around June), a celebration is held here.

4 – Wat Phra That Chom Mon

Mae Sariang Temples - Wat Phra That Chom MonNorthern design, with a festival in July. Impressive murals of Lord Buddha’s lives, painted by local artists.

Other attractive temples in the town are;

Wat Kittiwong

Houses relics of the Lord Buddha, brought here from Chiang Mai, along with important manuscripts discovered in Pha Daeng cave that recount the history of relations between Myanmar and the Lanna Kingdom.

Wat Amarawat

Mae Sariang Road, located 1km north of the bus station, on the right at the traffic lights.

Wat Amarawat - Mae Sariang

Wat Jong Soong (Wat Uttayarnrom)

Features two white Mon-style pagodas along with a very beautiful Myanmar-style Wiharn.

Wat Si Bunruang

Features a beautiful Shan-style Wiharn with superb wood carvings. This temple also has mural paintings of Lord Buddha’s life.

Wat Sri Bunruang - Mae Sariang

Wat Saeng Thong

A beautiful, ancient bronze image of Lord Buddha subduing Mara, dating back to Chiang Saen period. Another Buddha image, named “Pra Buddha Sihing” is held in high respect by local citizens.

Wat Pra Supan Rangsri

Wat Pra Supan Rangsri - Mae SariangLocated on 1194 heading west, just before the bridge on the left. A pavilion and bell tower with beautiful Shan (Thai Yai) and Myanmar architecture.

Big Teak Tree

Located a few kilometres west of town is a small park with a nice example of teak forest.

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