Mae Sariang Today

Mae Sariang is, like many rural towns, possessed of some delightfully well-hidden gems. This applies equally to temples, restaurants, bars & entertainment, and specialty shops. Only by spending time here do you steadily peel back the layers, and find the essence of town.

Buddha overlooking Mae Sariang provides a good vantage point.

Whilst its “on the beaten track” for international and domestic tourists doing the Mae Hong Son loop, the highway bypasses town. Many people sail on by, blissfully unaware of what they are missing.

The people are an ethnic mix of Thai, Karen, Tai Yai /Shan and hill tribes, variously Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and pagan. This mix is reflected in architecture, menus and costume.

The town is enjoying some new development (Oct 2015) with the main highway petrol station having just been rebuilt with a much larger Seven 11, and an Amazon cafe.

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