Wat Yang Luang


Wat Yang Luang – Mae Chaem – Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

As you enter Wat Yang Luang through the entrance gate, the first sight that greets you is the large-scale painting of the Lord Buddha and two disciples on the outer wall of the viharn (assembly hall). The viharn dates back to 1877. The temple is beautiful, and set in the midst of verdant rice fields that stretch toward the distant hills.

Exterior doors are richly decorated with mythical animals, and the interior houses a large Buddha image. To the right rear of the principle Buddha statue is a white stone Buddha reputed to be 500 years old, with a wall painting in white on black of a seated Buddha. On the left side of the large Buddha statue is a bronze image of a standing Buddha.

Wat Yang Luang is where the Jula Katin celebration is held at the end of Buddhist Lent each year, the district’s most important religious festival.

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