Kaeo Komon Cave

Kaeo Komon Cave is noted as being the only calcite cave in S.E. Asia. The walls are coated in crystalline calcite, with some outcrops of flowstone, and it is quite spectacular. Unfortunately, taking photos inside is not permitted.

Location: The cave is located in Kaeo Komon Forest Park, 6 kms east of the mid-town Mae La Noi market. It is well signposted, although the actual process of getting there is confusing. You can’t take your own vehicle all the way up to the cave but must instead park it at the “Ticketing” office. The 80 baht entry fee includes a songthiew (pickup-truck taxi) ride up the side of the hill to the cave entrance.

The other oddity is that they are strict about preventing photography! Lockable steel drawers are provided for your convenience, and you must place your cameras and handbags in those before entering the cave. Presumably that prevents both photos and “souvenirs” being taken…

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