Nan Festivals

Nan Traditional Boat Racing Festival

Nan is renowned for its traditional boat racing festival, held in October/November each year. Part of the celebrations of the local “Black Ivory” and “Tod Kathin” festivals, the elaborately decorated dug-out boats are hand-adzed and carved from large tree-trunks.
Nan boat races - Nan, Thailand

For centuries, long-boat races have been held annually in provinces with a major waterway running through them. Long-boat racing is one of the traditional rites which commemorates the end of the Buddhist Rains Retreat. It takes place mainly in the 10th and/or 11th lunar months (around September/October) when the water level is at its peak. At present, long-boat racing is considered a national sport. Its history can be traced back to the Ayutthaya period, some 600 years ago. In that time, boat racing was only a way to keep boat teams fit for national defense.

Racing boats are usually made from dugout tree trunks and can accommodate up to 60 oarsmen (commonly dressed in the same colour) in a double row. The festival event attracts hundreds of spectators. Trophies and prizes are given to the winning teams at the end.

The races on the Nan river are colourful and unequalled because the racing boats are brightly adorned with imaginatively designed prows. The cheering squads on the river bank are usually rowdy and exuberant.

*Source: Wikipedia

Long boat racing is can be dated back around 600 years ago and it still remains a national sport today. It is a fun and exciting sport to watch, especially as the contestants approach the finish line. The thrill and excitement of watching long boat racing may also be enjoyed by people who love other adrenaline and exciting activities such as Partypoker or watching a live sports match. Spectators watching a long boat race, are sure to feel a rush of excitement as the contestants reach the final few yards of the race.?

Loi Krathong

Loy Krathong is another of Thailand’s annual festivals, taking place at the full moon in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. This is usually in mid November.

Golden Orange Fair

Held annually in mid-December, at the Provincial Stadium. The sweet golden oranges are a famous horticultural crop from Nan Province. The fair features Beauty Contests, golden orange parade contest, and booth displays by both Nan  government and private enterprises, plus sundry other entertainments.

Songkran – Mid-April – Hot Season

Thailand’s Songkran Festival is  the most important holiday period of the year for the Thai people. Whilst it’s a time of fun, its also a special time not just for the New Year ritual. Above all, its the one time of year that most people “go home” from the big cities! For a 5 – 6 day period, Bangkok literally empties out, as millions of people migrate back to their homes and families.

Songkran falls sometime between April 10 and April 18 and has its origins in ancient astrology. The phases of the moon and the lunar calendar also play an important role in determining the actual date of the Thai New Year.

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