Phu Phayak Communist Memorial

Phu Phayak is a memorial museum to honor deceased communist soldiers from the Communist Party of Thailand fighting the Thai government in Nan province in the 70s.
The memorial museum was official opened on 11 December 2005, and is the result of a combined efforts of the local people – Lawa and Hmong, plus ex-communists and government officials to reconcile past disagreements and different ideologies.
The museum display shows the
• History of the ex communist command centre,
• Story of the ban Huai Chanin rebellion against unfair taxes
• Factual stories of the battles

Phu Phayak is situated in the far north-east corner of Nan province. Turn off on highway 1081, 22 kms east of Chalerm Prakiet.
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It is recommended to visit Phu Phayak as a day trip starting from Pua, north of Nan.

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