Nan Riverside Art Gallery

The Nan Riverside Art Gallery was founded by Winai Prabripoo, a famous Thai artist and native of Nan. Winai graduated from Silkaporn University, & after 25 years in Bangkok decided to do something for regional artists and provide them with both a gallery and centre for learning for the young people of Nan.

Located on the banks of the Nan river, the gallery is delightfully nestled between the hills & the river.

The Gallery’s objectives and attitudes :
1. As those in Bangkok and other capitals in the World, Children, youth, and people in this small province will have opportunity to witness and learn widely about art works made by the best national, and regional artists.
2. Children, youth, and people in Lan Na and other parts of the country will have opportunity to be impressed by contemporary art when visit Nan filled with undamaged nature and they can also feel a link to the outstanding art and culture in the old days. 3. All artists are encouraged by the wide, beautiful and impressive landscape of the place for exhibiting their contemporary art.
4. All Thai people, sectors, and organizations from over the country realize value of the art for our life and society and support the learning and publicizing art works.

A flood in 2006 destroyed most of Winai’s work, but the gallery has continued on.

In December 2009 Winai opened a permanent exhibition on Nan’s temple mural paintings in honour of Nan Puaphan, a legendary mural painter, responsible for the murals in Wat Phumin, Wat Nong Bua and Wat Phra That Changkham.

Nan Riverside Art Gallery
122 Moo 2 Tambon Bo, Muang District
(20 kms north of Nan, on route 1080, the Nan – Tha Wang Pha.)
Phone: +66 5 479 8046
Fax: +66 9 962 1332
Nan Art Gallery website.

The gallery and beautiful location beside the river are very attractive and well worth visiting.

GPS Waypoint: N18 56.415 E100 46.070

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