Chai Prakarn

260 kms. All asphalt. See Map. Routes # 1001 – 1150 – 1346 – 107. This is a relatively unknown “new” loop, but it is a wonderful ¾ – 1 day exhilarating ride & loop from Chiang Mai. Route 1001 to Phrao from Chiang Mai is approx 96 kms of fast flowing hilly winding asphalt. Route 1346 from “Phrao” to Route 107 (Chai Prakarn) is approx 35 kms of steep undulating twisting narrow asphalt. Route 107 to Chiang Mai is approx 117 kms of which 77kms at the North end are beautiful winding hilly undulating asphalt.

The way to go is head north from Chiang Mai on route 1001. Ride non-stop to Phrao & take a break. Then in Phrao take a left onto Route 1150 & go 7.3 kms to the police checkpoint in Pa Hin village. At the check point turn right onto Route 1346 & follow it to route 107. At the T JUnction with Route 107, turn left & head home for Chiang Mai.

Take a break in Chiang Dao at the Krua Chiang Dao restaurant at the Shell petrol station on the left going into town. Highly recommended as an excellent day ride for more serious riders who like riding and aren’t so worried about scenery or hill tribe villages. Note too, that Route 1346 is an excellent scenic option for going to / from Doi Ang Khang & Fang, if you are think you might be tired of route 107 and want an alternative route.

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The Chai Prakarn Loop.

Fang – Chai Prakarn – Phrao – Chiang Mai

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The Chai Prakarn loop is part of the bigger Golden Triangle loop from Chiang Mai, & can be included as part of your tour in North Thailand. Full information for these loops are on the GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map.

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