Phrao – Wiang Pa Pao

239 kms. All asphalt. See map. Routes # 1001, 1150 & 118. An even better big bike loop than the Phrao – Chiang Dao loop, being longer, more flowing and more scenic in the mountains.

Route 1150 from Phrao to Wiang Pa Pao has lovely forest cover, excellent panoramic mountain views, and Lisu hill tribe villages en route. Consider drink stops at;

  1. Pa Mai, on route 1001, 49.3 kms from Chiang Mai
  2. Phrao. Doi Farang Bungalows
  3. Lisu Khun Jae or Lisu Patung on route 1150, between Phrao & Wiang Pa Pao, then
  4. Cabbages & Condoms for a photo stop on route 118
  5. Mae Kachan hot springs on route 118, 64.5 kms from Chiang Mai.

Recommended as a day ride for a fast ride for sport / road bike riders, who are also interested in hill tribes and mountain scenery.

Take your time & over night in rural Phrao at the Doi Farang Bungalows / Khoom Kam Kaew organic garden.













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