San Kamphaeng

65 kms return. See map. Routes 1317 & 118. A fast 1 1/4 hrs loop from Chiang Mai. Recommended for local residents looking to escape Chiang Mai city for some fresh air and go for a quick blast. From Chiang Mai, take route 1317, the new “airport “ – Sankamphaeng super for a fast getaway.

R1317 from town is a fast getaway

Route 1317 is basically straight for 16 kms to the route 1006 / 1317 intersection, then gets a bit hilly and windy for 8.5 kms to the hot springs turn off.

Sankamphaeng Hot Springs


There are 3 hot springs resorts all close by

  1. The official government Sankamphaeng hot springs
  2. Roong Aroon hot springs
  3. Sippa hot springs a GTR favourite for an over night stay
  4. On Sen hot springs

A bungalow at the official government hot springs

After the hot springs is a lovely tight winding 22 kms section to Pong Din and route 118 (the Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai road.) From Pong Din its 27 kms back down route 118 to Chiang Mai.

In the middle steep & winding section is the Acaba Coffee House & Garden. 

Acaba Coffee Huai Kaeo – Mae On

Acaba Coffee House

Suggested stop:  (1) The hot springs, the official Sankamphaeng hot springs, which has an excellent restaurant. (2) Acaba Coffee at Huai Kaeo (3) Wat Photiyan in Mae On.

The delightful Spring restaurant at the hot springs.


If you want to make it a late start then over night at the Sippa Hot Springs Resort. They have beautiful bungalows with huge hot tubs in the room. Then just down the road is the Mae On Steak House for some easy fresh air country dining, if you are staying over night.

Wat Doi Photiyan is an amazing temple in Mae On that is well with a look for it’s outstanding murals.

Another interesting attraction in the area is the Ban Chang Nak – the home of elephants & elephant wood carving.

Baan Chang Nak – the elephant carving museum

Note that if you want to make the hot springs the main event of the day; recommend start from Chiang Mai on route 118, the Chiang Rai road; and stop at the hot springs / resort towards the end of your ride. But if you’re just looking for a nice quick ride, start from the “airport super”, it’s better riding this way!

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