Phrao – Chiang Dao

208 kms.Click Map for full-size Image

Routes 1001, 1150 & 107.

A much better big bike loop than the Samoeng loop, this is an excellent fast half day ride, with good scenery and beautiful forest between Phrao – Chiang Dao – Mae Taeng. It is best ridden in an anti-clockwise direction Chiang Mai – Phrao – Chiang Dao – Chiang Mai.

The swooping R1001 to Phrao – a beauty of a big bike ride

If you want to take your time then stop off at the Bua Thong waterfall

Buathong falls on the Phrao Loop

Get away late & spend the night back to nature at the Doi Farang Bungalows / Khoom Kam Kaew organic gardens in Phrao.


Doi Farang bungalows, classic accommodation

Run by German Michael, they have some charming classic Lanna style wood bungalows or some smart modern brick, aircon/ hot water / TV bungalows in huge gardens surrounded by fruit trees. There is also a clean well maintained pool to chill & hang out by.


The Doi Farang pool to hang out at after your ride

Minimum 3 hrs fast ride. Ride nonstop to Phrao, and have a drink. In Phrao stop at the Then ride across to Chiang Dao and take a break at the Krua Chiang Dao.

An unusual Wat on the Phrao Loop

Recommended as half day ride for a fast ride for sport / road bike riders, or take your time with recommended drink stops;

  • Pa Mai
  • Phrao
  • Chiang Dao – Krua Chiang Dao

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