The Samoeng Loop

100 kms return. See map.

The Samoeng / Mae Sa valley loop is the best 100 kms ride in North Thailand, which everyone should do (at least once). Routes 108, 1269, 1096, & 107.

Samoeng Strawberry Festival

Minimum 1 3/4 hrs fast, non stop ride; but allow a minimum of 3-4 hrs to enjoy the scenery, plus time for food and drink stops. Strictly riding wise, the loop is best ridden in a clock wise direction, Chiang Mai – airport – Samoeng – Mae Rim – Chiang Mai.

Riding the Samoeng Loop

BUT first timers do the loop anti-clockwise from the Mae Rim end to visit the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, the Orchid Farms, Snake Farm, Monkey Show, waterfalls, Bungy Jump.

Riding the Samoeng Loop

For locals who’ve seen it all before & just want a nice ride do it in a clockwise direction.

Stop for a bite to eat / drink
(1) In Samoeng at Supanee restaurant or
(2) At the X-Centre, run by Kiwi Ian & Long, on R1096 at the Mae Rim end. Excellent food / service / motorsports.
(3) Mae Rim restaurants – Pansawan – Sala Cafe – See Pak – Steak of the Day

In the hot dry season do the Samoeng loop at night even.

Highly recommended anytime for a quick ride and escape from Chiang Mai.

The Samoeng Loop Viewpoint

There are numerous side trips & loops you can do off the Samoeng loop & if you were to do all of these allow another 3-4 days riding to see all the attractions!

R1096 the Samoeng elephant road.

One of the more popular side trips / loops is to Nong Hoi & Mon Cham.

The Nong Hoi / Mon Cham side road.

Pottering around Samoeng
D-Tracker to Yang Moen
Chiang Mai – Pong Khwao Hot Springs.
Mon Cham is the most popular Thai destination on the Samoeng Loop.
for some GT Rider trip reports & photos for ideas on some of the side trips and loops from of the Samoeng Loop.
Check ’em out & to have numerous fun days out from Chiang Mai.

The Samoeng turn off junction

Take a GT Rider Mae Sa Valley Samoeng Loop map with you.

A  must do loop. Highly recommended. Do it more than once & do it both ways.


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