Mae Sariang Outdoors

Outdoor Adventure Activities

There are many and varied outdoor adventure activities in the Mae Sarieng area – something for everyone.

Kayaking, Boats & Rafts

Kayak Trips: NG River Guides in Mae Sariang operates kayak trips on the River Yuam. These are half or full day trips, on easy water suitable for families. Read more on kayaking trips

Boat Trips on the mighty Salaween River offer a glimpse into a vastly different world. Boat travel along the sensitive river border area between Thailand and Myanmar is surprisingly busy – local people trading up and down stream, delivering a variety of products to the “port” of Ban Mae Sam Laeb.


Bamboo Rafting on smaller rivers offers a fun day out, in superb jungle surroundings with friendly local guides.



Fishing is as popular a pastime in Thailand as it is anywhere else on earth. In a subsistence existence, how well you fish determines how well you eat!  There are local guides available, and talking to khun Bobby at the local tackle shop (near the bus station) is a good starting point!

Opportunities include;

  • Day trips, bait or spin fishing on small dams and reservoirs
  • Day / multi-day trips, wading and fly fishing in mountain streams for Mahseer (Thai / Blue)
  • Multi-day camping trips – fly fishing freestone rivers for very large Mahseer (Thai / Blue / Golden)


Daily or multi-day treks  through mountainous terrain to various villages (Karen / Lawa etc)

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