Wat Phra That Sop Waen

Wat Phra That Sop Waen - Lanna-style chedi - Chiang Kham

Wat Phra That Sop Waen is renowned for its 700 year old Lanna-style chedi, and is located beside the 1021 bypass road to the west of the town of Chiang Kham.

The viharn houses three large Buddha images, and there is also an exquisite preaching chair. Outside, there is a huge Chamchuri tree, reputedly more than 100 years old, and having a span of over 40 metres.tag

There is a small museum located beside the Viharn, which jhas displays of traditional items of the local Tai Lue community.

Tai Lue weaving

Adjacent to the temple complex, across the car park, there is a small small building where local Tai Lue women demonstrate traditional Tai Lue weaving techniques.

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