Chiang Rai City

Chiang Rai city is the capital of Chiang Rai province, in Northern Thailand. The town has a population of approx 65,000 and is the main commercial centre serving the Golden Triangle  region of Thailand, adjacent to the borders of Myanmar and Laos.

12.5% of the population are hill tribe people, a collective term for the minority ethnic groups in the North of Thailand such as the Karen, Akha, Lisu, Meo, Yao and Muser. Many Chinese, particularly from Yunnan Province, have migrated to the area and assimilated with the Thai population to such extent that well over half of the large businesses in northern Thailand are owned by people of Chinese heritage. *Source: Wikipedia

There are a wealth of attractions within the city in terms of activities, history, culture, temples and markets!

Chiang Rai is also an excellent base for exploring the northern region, because it is centrally located with many towns located within approx 100 kms – i.e. within “day trip” distances;

There are numerous hotels, covering a range of budgets and catering for all accommodation requirements. In addition to hotel restaurants, there are a multitude of good dining options scattered across the town.

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