Thoeng District


Thoeng is both a town and a district of Chiang Rai province, and was once an ancient city of the Lanna Kingdom. During the period B.E. 21-22 it was governed by Jao Muang (hereditary leaders). Jao Muang of Wiang Thoeng built many structures e.g. city walls, canals, and the temples of Wat Pra That Jom Jor and Wat Thoeng Sao Hin.

Thoeng was promoted to a District in 1984 and ruled by Chiang Rai province.

General Information

The area of Thoeng is mostly mountains and river plains. There are mountains to the west, with  Doi Kham in Chiang Khian being approx 823 meters above sea level. There are also mountains to the east;

  • Doi Lan – 1,100 meters
  • Doi Pha Mon – 1,013 meters

The plains of Thoeng are primarily along the main Ing River, which runs 57 kms from Phee Pan Nam Mountain (Doi Luang in Mae Jai, Phayao).

Thoeng - Ing River plains - Thoeng District, Chiang Rai

The Lao River runs 24 kms from Doi Pu Lang Ka, Chiang Kham, through the north of Thoeng district and joins Ing River at the back of Thoeng District Office.The Ngao River runs from Doi Pha Mon, through Ngao and joins the Plong and Ing Rivers at Nong Rad. These main rivers have contributed to the plain around Thoeng, a significant agricultural resource. The rivers themselves provide a fishery resource.



Thoeng is located at 25 Wiang sub-district, 60 kms to the south-east of Chiang Rai, and 891 kms from Bangkok.Neighboring districts are (from the southwest clockwise) Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Rai, Wiang Chai, Phaya Mengrai, Khun Tan, Wiang Kaen of Chiang Rai Province. To the east is Bokeo province of Laos, and to the south is Phayao Province.

The total area of 821 square kilometers.
The number of population (total) 86,743 (2000) female 43,274 male 43,469

Government Offices

  • Thoeng District Bureau 0-5379-5345, 0-5279-5513
  • Thoeng Hospital 0-5379-5259, 0-5379-5466
  • Tambon Wiang Municipality 0-5379-5321
  • Thoeng Police Station 0-5379-5403,0-5379-5405
  • Thoeng District Prison 0-5379-5654
  • Office of Chiangrai Education Area 4 0-5379-5431
  • Thoeng District Electricity 0-5379-500,0-5379-5393, 0-5379-5504
  • Thoeng District Transport 0-5379-5222
  • Thoeng Post Office 0-5379-5528,0-5379-5529
  • Plong Post Office 0-5366-9560,0-5395-4183
  • Thoeng District Non-Formal Education 0-5379-5525

Tourist Attractions In Thoeng District

Nong Khuang

Nong Khuang is a natural swamp covering an area of 14 acres in Moo 1, Mae Loy sub-district.
It is both a source of many kinds of fish and a place for relaxing and exercising for the villagers.

Khun Plong Reservoir

Khun Plong Reservoir is is an artificial lake, used as a source of water supply for farmers in Thoeng District. It is very popular place for fishing, and offers lovel;y sunset views.

Wat Phra That Chom Cho

wat-phra-that-chom-cho-1Wat Phra That Chom Cho (Chom Cho Chedi) is located on the top of Doi Chom Cho, Moo 20, Wiang sub-district . It is an important ancient site but there is no evidence of when it was built. In each year people worship at a ceremony here around 6th of May. This is an excellent viewpoint to enjoy the the vast lowland plains of the Ing River.

Ing River

Ing River, Thoeng

The Ing River banks offer a place for recreation and exercise for Wiang sub-district residents. It is
also the venue for annual boat–racing competition. There will be fresh fresh market produce for sale along the riverbanks, and many people like to buy fresh fish here.

Suan Sukaphap

Suan Sukaphap ( Wiang Thoeng Healthy Garden) is a rest area for travelers. There are many services here, such as tourist information and toilets, before you continue your travels to Phu Chi Fah.

Wat Yai Nong Pla Khao

Wat Yai Nong Pla Khao is located in Moo 6, Wiang sub-district. The temple has an
ancient image of the Buddha, the antiques and works of art from the period 18-20 B.E.
(Buddhist Era). There is an ancient well in the temple and it was said that this well is one of the
five in Chiang Rai holy wells.

Phu Chi Fah

Phu Chi Fah is located in Ban Rom Fathai, Tabtao sub-district. It is on Doi Pha Mon. This mountain is 25 kilometers south of Doi Pha Tang. This high mountain overlooks The People’s Republic of Laos and is a renowned viewpoint with slended panoranic views. Both domestic and international tourists enjot the sea of fog, the sunsets and sunrises here in Cold Season. During February, hillsides are covered with white wild flowers known as Dok Siaw.

Wat Boon Nak

Wat Boon Nak is located in Moo 2, Ngao sub – district. The temple enshrines the ancient Buddha image known as “Phra Jao Song Sri.”

Ngan Dok Siaw Ban

Ngan Dok Siaw Ban (Dok Siaw Ban Fair) is usually held on 13 – 15 February at Ban Rom Fah Thai, moo 10, Tabtao sub-district every year. This fair has a “Thi Da Dok Siaw” contest; Hmong and Akha Hilltribes shows, and other hill tribes activities.

One Tambon One Product (OTOP)

  • Basket and wickerware (Rattan)
  • Organic chemistry rice or half milled rice (Kao In see)
  • Embroidered cloth and blue-dyed shirt
  • Nong Rad Woven Cloth

Crawfish in Ban Thung Khun Chai
The largest crawfish farming area in the North, with a nice atmosphere, delicious food and beverages.

Fruit Wine
Fruit wine is made from locally grown fruits, group of villagers produce and sell these wines in roadside shops.


Accommodation in Thoeng

  • 79 Villa 0-5379-5398
  • Phu Chi Pha Phochana 0-5391-8366,0-1952-3054
  • Bungalow Ban Kun Lux 0-5360-9552,0-1950-9013
  • Phu Chi Pha Resort 0-1952-2519
  • Phu Chi Hill 0-1816-5452,0-1317-5091
  • Phu Sawan 0-1993-1956
  • U-Krist Farm Hill 0-5370-3317
  • Phu Chi Pha Pa Nich 0-5391-8331,0-1980-4306
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