Doi Mae Salong

How the 93rd KMT Regiment found a new home… Led by General Tuan Shi-wen (aka Chiwan Khamlue), the 93rd Regiment’s soldiers endured several years of harassment from Myanmar military before negotiating asylum and eventually settling in the northern corner of Thailand. At the time, it suited the Thai government to have a regiment of battle-hardened anti-communist soldiers quietly guarding this remote border area… and they did so until around 1982! More information…


The opium era; warlords and poppies – ended not too long ago, but these days the town is a safe, quiet and fascinating tourist attraction. The scenery is stunning, the people are friendly, and opium has given way to tea plantations, resorts, hill-tribe markets, Chinese Martyrs Museum, tea houses, restaurants and guesthouses…

Akha Saleswoman - Doi Mae Salong / Santikhiri

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