Mae Suai District

Mae Suai is a district in the western part of Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand . Neighboring districts are Mueang Chiang Rai, Mae Lao, Phan and Wiang Pa Pao. Mae Suai is also bordered by Phrao, Chai Prakan, Fang, Mae Ai – districts of Chiang Mai Province.

Akha women fishing in the river north of Mae Suai township.

The town of Mae Suai is small country town, and is located at the crossroads of Highway 118 and 109 – which leads across the mountains to Fang / Chai Prakarn.

Approx 5kms north of Mae Suai is the small village of Ban Tin Doi, where you can turn left onto Route 3037 to Doi Chaang and Wawi. A few minutes drive up 3037 is a large reservoir, the road intersects this at the mid-point and its very picturesque.

3037 is a slower but very scenic alternate route to Doi Mae Thaton, Doi Mae Salong, Mae Chan and Chiang Rai.

Mai Suai Location: on The Golden Triangle Map maps is (D5)

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