Chiang Rai Restaurants

Chiang Rai Restaurants

Chiang Rai restaurants are many and varied, with an array of Thai, Chinese and European dining options.

Street stalls

Street food vendors can be found at any busy location around the city, producing delicious local food.


Night Bazaar

Despite there being lots of good food dining options available in Chiang Rai, many tourists end up eating at the Night Bazaar;

  • “Centrepoint” is on the left at the mid-point of the main soi (lane) leading through the bazaar stalls. Both Western and Thai menu, prices slightly higher but with full table service!  Most tables are under cover – important in Wet Season!
  • “Night Bazaar Food Court” is cheaper, but its self-service here except for the beer… and its popular with local Thai people. 50 food stalls but note that the food is often less spicy than “real” Thai food, to suit the tourist’s  palate.

Both food courts have free music and dance performances almost nightly. And there are really local food items on offer – not for the faint-hearted!


ABC Cafe

Jet Yod Road, next door to Jansom Guesthouse. 75 metres from Wat Jet Yod

A&P Bakery

93/4 Thanon Sanambin (Old Airport Road) Tel: +66-857231410 / 08-57231410.

Chiang Rai Beach

Visting here during the day or the early evening is a good option. Multiple restaurants serve food on bamboo platforms along the banks of the Mae Kok River. No English menus, so you’ll need your phrase book if you can’t speak Thai. Get there via tuktuk or song tiew if you don’t have a rental car or bike.

Da Vinci

Phahonyothin Rd – near Night Bazaar. Pizza restaurant


C&C Cabbages and Condoms

620/25 Thanalai Rd. (at the Hilltribe Museum) Tel: 0 5371 9167

*One of Chiang Rai’s best restaurants, with excellent live music nightly.

Ek Ocha

455 Mu 4 Mae Yang-Chiang Rai Rd., Tel: 0 5371 2543 (Thai – Chinese food)

Gara Garon

869/18 Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5371 4779 (Thai food)

Haw Narika

Saenphu Hotel Intersection Tel: 0 5371 3738

Haw Nariga 1

402/12 Banphaprakan Rd.
Tel: 0 5371 1062
(Thai-Chinese food)

Haw Nariga 2000

Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5374 3084 (Chinese food)

Hua Phochana

Near Mae Kok Bridge
Tel: 0 5375 1055
(Chinese food)

Jaw Charoen Chai

1 Sanambin Rd. Tel: 0 5371 2731 (Chinese food)

Kai Yang Pimpa

24 Mu 3 Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5371 2167 (Isan food)

Kaow Tom Mee Na

Rongsi Kao Si Koet 0 5371 6088, 0 5374 0014 (Thai food)

La Antina

528/20 Banphaprakan Rd Tel: 0 5371 6808 (European food)


Khwae Wai Rd. Tel: 0 53
*Riverside dining, 300 metres downstream (east) of the superhighway bridge. One of Chiang Rai’s best restaurants, with excellent live music nightly.

Lee O-Cha

416 Banphaprakan Rd. Tel: 0 5371 1812 (Chinese food)

Lotus Bakery House

In front of Wangcome Hotel. Tel: 0 5371 4519 (Thai food)

Muang Thong

889/1-2 Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5371 1162 (Chinese food)

Phu Thai Kai Yang

38 Mu 4 Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5379 3080 (Isan food)

Po Sai

Thanon Jet Yot 1023/2 (opposite Wangcome Hotel).


Behind the new main stage at the ‘Night Bazaar’vegetarian restaurant. Vegetarian

Rom Mai

Km.8 Dong Mada Rd. Tel: 0 5367 3808 (Local food)

Saban Nga Khantoke

226/50 Sankhong Rd. Tel: 0 5371 2290 (Northern style food with dances)

Siam Corner

Thanon Jet Yot. *Excellent quality Thai  food, some Western dishes.

Slung Kham

834/3 Phahonyothin Rd., Tel: 0 5371 7192 (Thai and Local food)

The North

The North Hotel – situated next to Oasis, small street between the Night Bazaar
Tel: 0 5371 9873

Tong Tung Restaurant

West side of the road about 1 km south of Thanon Banphaprakan on 1/1 Thanon Sanambin (old airport road).
Northern Thai food

Toke Tong

Phahonyothin Rd. Tel: 0 5375 6370 (Local food)


211/9 Khwae Wai Rd. Tel: 0 5371 3263
Chinese food, riverside dining near Leelawadee

Bars & Clubs

  • Cat Bar – Yet Yod Rd.
  • Easy Bar – Thanon Jet Yot.
  • Joe’s – Yet Yod Rd
  • Rusta Bar – San Khok Chang Rd.
  • Reggae Bar – small soi east side of the Night Bazaar
  • The Turntable Jazz Bar, North Hotel – between the Night Bazaar and Sirikorn (flower and fruit) Market, Tel:+66 (0) 5371 9873
  • SitSip Bar & Coffee House. Wangcome Hotel. 053-711-800
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