Thoed Thai

Thoed Thai was formerly known as Hin Taek (Broken Stone) because of a large cracked rock lying in the Mae Kham river which flows through the village.

Thoed Thai is located 24 kms north-west of Doi Mae Salong, 13 kms from the Thai-Myanmar border at Mae Moh. Surrounded by majestic mountains,  the town is accessible by good all-weather steep, winding and spectacular mountain roads.

Route 3051 the road to Thoed Thai

You can get to Thoed Thai from

  1. Chiang Mai via Doi Mae Salong
  2. Chiang Rai via Mae Chan
  3. Mae Sai via Doi Tung

Thoed Thai Location Map

Thoed Thai is actually two villages on opposite sides of the Mae Kham river, and the valley runs up towards the Shan State like an “ear” sticking out from this remote upper corner of Thailand.

Coffee Plantation near Mae Moh

The surrounding hills, which 20 years ago cultivated massive volumes of opium poppy under the watchful eyes of a 15,000 man, heavily-armed private army, now host peaceful tea and coffee plantations (above).

Thoed Thai today

Once the headquarters of Khun Sa, the opium / drug warlord Thoed Thai is a very interesting little town.  Khun Sa died in Burma on 26 October 2007 and his old camp is now a museum. A memorial service for Khun Sa was held in Thoed Thai on the 7th November 2007. The camp and the museum is well worth visiting as either a day trip from Doi Mae Salong, or better still as an over night trip from wherever.

The Rim Taan Guesthouse beside the Mae Kham river is a wonderful clean guesthouse to stay at in Thoed Thai & is a favourite of the  GT Riders.
Rim Taan guest house beside the Mae Kham river The Ting Ting restaurant next door to the Rim Taan guesthouse is unbelievably clean and has superb fresh food. The vegetables are incredibly good. You have not done the Golden Triangle until you’ve done a night in Thoed Thai!

Hin Taek / Thoed Thai Attractions

Shan New Year Thoed Thai

Shan New Year Thoed Thai

  • The Traditional Morning Market with various tribal peoples.

Akha lady early morning market Thoed Thai

  • Wat Wiang Kham.
  • Bronze Buddha. Phra Song Chai Rattana Palang Paen Din

Giant Bronze Buddhe Thoed Thai

  • Wat Kha Kham

Wat Kha Kham. Thoed Thai.

For more information about Thoed Thai contact the Rim Taan Guesthouse

Rim Taan Guest House,
15 Mu 1, Thoed Thai,
Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai
Tel: 053730209

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