Chiang Rai Markets

Night Bazaar

Ethnic handcrafts galore, and you can eat, drink and make merry, with free cultural entertainment nightly. The area around the Night Bazaar has lots of restaurants, bars and shopping options.There are two food courts;

  • The larger one is at the rear; aside from beer, its self-service from a variety of small booths around the perimeter
  • The smaller ‘upmarket’ one is at the front, to the left 50 metres down the small entry lane and it has full table service. Prices are slightly more expensive, but quality is better. Decent tables, covered area…

Saturday Night Market – Walking Street

Thanipat Rd – several city blocks are closed to traffic and filled with stalls selling everything from foods to handcrafts, crockery, apparel, fruit and vegetables.

Central Day Market

East from the clock tower 2 blocks… it covers 2 city blocks between the 2nd smaller clock tower,  Wat Mung Muang and Wat Pra Sing… The internal shops close from 6pm, but additional external fruit and vegetable stalls set up on street verges outside and this produce market stays open late into the evening.

The GT Rider