Karen Ruammit Village

The Karen village of Ruammit,  on the banks of Nam Mae Kok (Mae Kok River) is promoted as a Karen community, but nearby are  Lahu, Lisu and Akha villages clustered on it’s outskirts. Despite its equally mountainous location, it is quite different to adjacent towns of Baan Thaton and Doi Mae Salong.

An old village, Ruammit is famous for its elephants, with a long tradition of elephant training and logging and it remains distinctly Karen. It retains its traditional culture and traditions, and has become one of the major tourist attractions both on the Nam Mae Kok and within the Chiang Rai Province.

Ruammit is a 1-hour boat ride from the provincial capital of Chiang Rai province and boats depart at regular intervals from the Chiang Rai pier. Ruammit is a favoured stop for an elephant ride on the boat trip to Thaton, or as a destination in its own right. Mini-buses and songthiews ply the route from town at equally regular intervals.

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