Doi Mae Salong (aka Santikhiri) is a hilltop village in the Mae Fa Luang district of Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand. It i located 80 kilometres (50 miles) from Chiang Rai, in the infamous Golden Triangle – home to opium warlords such as Kun Sa whose base was a mere 26 kms away…

The town of Doi Mae Salong is tucked just below the highest peak of the Doi Mae Salong mountain range at an elevation of approximately 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) above sea level.

Climate - Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Its alpine climate offers a respite from the 40C temperatures of the lowlands of Chiang Rai, as even in Hot Season its noticeably cooler up here.

Through Wet Season, its blessed with cool air and in the “winter” months of November through February (Cold Season) its positively chilly!

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