Kaeng Pha Dai – the Mekong end of the road

42 kms from Chiang Khong & 13 kms from Wiang Kaen, the Mekong river flows away from Thailand and into Laos. The asphalt roads ends here & the river is no longer the border between the two countries.

Kaeng Pha Dai & the narrow Mekong channel

The Mekong river here is quite spectacular with rapids, reefs,  rocks & deep pools.

This section of the Mekong is a very important fish spawning habitat and also a habitat for refuge in the dry season, because of the many rapids and deep pools.

There are 96 fish species in the area, of which 86 are native species, with 15 of them rare.

Along the Mekong in the area there are 11 identified eco systems for wildlife & fish.
These are

  1. Pha (part of rapid above water layer)
  2. Kok (deep pool)
  3. Don (sand bar)
  4. Haad (sand or pebble beach)
  5. Rong (water channel)
  6. Long (oxbow)
  7. Nong (swamp)
  8. Jam (larger rapids that make whirlpool)
  9. Huai (stream)
  10. Rim Fang (riverbank)
  11. Kwan (large shallow deep pool).

At this Kaeng Pha Dai park there are toilet facilities and a restaurant.
A visit to Kaeng Pha Dai can be a highlight of any trip through the area.

Combine a visit to Kaeng Pha Dai with a visit to the old Wiang Kaen town.


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