Muang Yai – old Wiang Kaen city

Situated just a few hundred metres east of the main Wiang Kaen intersection is a densely forested hill.

This forested hill has many magnificent huge old trees, hundreds of  years old.

There are also the old ruins of a walled town that once existed on the hill.

It is understood that this old town used to be ruled from Nan & existed before Chiang Khong.

There once was a battle for the town with much bloodshed, after which the town was left abandoned?

Some of the old trees have overgrown old chedis & can be seen in two places. There are multiple massive old trees & 4 locations for old chedis.

Many more photos on GTR here.

You can combine a visit to the old Wiang Kaen town “Muang Luang Wiang Kaen” @ Muang Yai, with a visit to Kaeng Pha Dai.




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