Wat Phra That Doi Mae Ya Mon

Wat Phra That Doi Mae Ya Mon sits on a hillock, 14 kms downstream from Chiang Khong in tambon Lai Ngao, on a big bend in the Mekong.

Wat Pra That Doi Ya Mon sits on a hill overlooking the Mekong

Wat Pra That Doi Ya Mon

Wat Pra That Doi Ya Mon

The Mekong river here is quite treacherous  with many rocks & reefs in the river. Due to the dangerous nature of the river here Wat Phra That Doi Mae Ya Mon has shrines & statues protecting the river, & those who use the river.

One is the Phaya Mon goddess guarding the Mekong Phay Nak naga snake. Legend has it that the mythical Phaya Nak naga snake patrolled the Mekong here in the hunt for ships & fishermen, hence the statues to protect the Mekong sailors and fishermen from the dangerous Phaya Naga Mekong snake.

Another statue is for the Prince of Chumphon / the Father of the Thai Navy & figure regarded as a protector of fishermen. 

He was the 28th son of King Rama 5 & studied as a naval cadet in England in his youth.
The Prince also studied medicine, specializing in the use of herbal medicine in treating his patients & was known as “Doctor Phon”,
In 1922 he offered Royal Land at Sattahip Bay for the establishment of a Thai naval base & was proclaimed “The Father of Royal Thai Navy”.
He also had a reputation for magic & the supernatural; was often regarded as one of the “108 deities in heavens”. Many worshipers proclaim themselves to be his “children” or followers and pray to him for fulfillment of their wishes.

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