General Tuan’s Tomb

General Tuan Shi-wen led the defeated anti-communist Kuomintang (KMT) 93rd Division forces from China via Burma to settle in North Thailand at Doi Mae Salong.

He passed away in 1980 and his tomb sits on the side of a hill high above Doi Mae Salong. GPS Waypoint N20 09.846 E99 37.257

The Stairway to General Duan's Tomb

There are splendid views of Doi Mae Salong from the site.

The Doi Mae Salong View from General Duan's Tomb
Access is via a narrow steep concrete road leading from next to the entrance to Kum Naiphol Resort, at the south end of town.
General Duan's Tomb
The site is worth visiting for the views. Allow a minimum of 40 minutes for the side trip.

General Duan's Tomb

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